Viruses, Trojans, Malware and Spyware are malicious programs that can open a back door for hackers to remotely access your computer & steal your data.  This can lead to Internet Banking Fraud, On-Line Fraud & Identity Theft.

They can also cause your computers Windows System to crash, work slowly, corrupt files, error messages, applications to stop working, hard disc issues and lead to a total Windows System Failure or Loss of Data.

Our Technicians are experts in finding and eliminating all Virus, Malware, Spyware & Other dangerous programs from your system, making it safe to use.

Symptoms of a Virus or Malware attack:

  • System freezing, unresponsive or slowed right down.
  • Unwanted Programs or Ads coming up on your screen.
  • Fake Notices from “Microsoft” or “Telstra” asking to call a phone number.
  • Popup Advertising on your screen or Internet browser.
  • Redirection of websites to a website you did not request.
  • Programs getting corrupt.
  • Applications showing non-resolving errors.
  • Data getting automatically deleted.
  • Spam Junk Emails.

Our tech experts can perform the following services:

  • Remove Virus’s and Infected Files completely from the system.
  • Remove Malware, Spyware and Adware from the system.
  • Ransomware Removal Experts, and solutions to data recovery from the result of a Ransomware attack.
  • We carry out extensive diagnosis and effective anti-virus implementation to make sure that your system remains protected against any danger.
  • Full scan and diagnosis of the system, applications and programs to eliminate infected files.
  • Removal of Advanced Boot-Sector Virus’s (Rootkits).
  • Sales & Installation of the most advanced, up-to-date Anti-Virus Security software.
  • Upgrading of already installed Anti-Virus software.
  • Protection against the security breach which might have caused the virus, spyware or malware attacks.
  • Browser protection for blocking any Malware, Spyware and Trojan downloads from web access.

Let our experts come to your home or office and provide you with a complete clean and securing of your system, to help you get complete protection against cyber threats, malware & virus.