If you have, then it is crucial that you have an expert technician clean your computer, to make sure it is safe to use, especially for Internet Banking, and online purchases.  Did you know that some scammers will install hidden remote access software in your system, that you cannot see, and they can see everything that is on your screen, days or even weeks after you had been initially  scammed?

If you have been scammed, had your PC Accessed, or had someone access your bank account or personal details, then you MUST have it checked & cleaned before using it again.

If you have had your Internet Bank Account or Credit Card compromised, Banks will often instruct you to call a Computer Technician to make sure your computer is clean & safe to use, before they unlock your Internet Banking.

iFixIT Computers are experts in checking & cleaning of your computer, and will give you a 100% Guarantee that it is completely safe to use again, giving you peace of mind.

Some of the types of current Scams are:

  • Phone calls from fake companies claiming they are from “Microsoft”.
  • Phone calls from fake companies claiming they are from “Telstra”, “Optus”, or a Telecommunications business.
  • Phone calls from fake ATO (Tax Office) claiming that you owe them money & Jail.
  • Phone calls from fake Financial Firms, asking you for crucial private details.
  • On-Line Fake websites that pop-up on your screen, instructing you to “Not turn off your computer”, and to Call a phone number to fix the problem.
  • Fake (Billing Emails) from Telstra, Optus, Financial Firms.
  • Fake (Invoice Emails) from companies you have never heard of.
  • Fake (Account Emails) from Banks, Paypal, Apple, Microsoft, Google etc

Let our experts come to your home or office and provide you with a complete clean and securing of your system, to help you get the highest protection against cyber threats, malware & virus’s.