CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Changes to our normal services.


Due to the Coronavirus Covid19 Crisis, iFixIT Computers will be making some changes to our normal services.

Below are Changes to our Services we have implemented:

  • On-Site visits are back to normal – We will come to you and fix your issues at your home or business. Strict health guidelines will be followed in accordance to government medical information. (See Below)
  • You can “DROP-OFF” your Laptop or Desktop to us for repairs or assessment – Please contact us to arrange a suitable drop off time.
  • Any Laptops & Desktop PC’s that are dropped off to us, may require them to be left at the Door upon request, to minimize any risk of person-person contact.

Health Precautions implemented:

  • All of our technicians have been FULLY VACCINATED (Double Dosed) & Boosters for the safety of ourselves and our customers.
  • Onsite Visits – We will be wearing Masks, Sanitizing Hands, Sanitizing all Keyboards, Mouses & any equipment touched during and after repairs, & practising Social Distancing.
  • We require that all of our customers wear Masks whilst being around our technicians. If not wearing a mask, we ask that you are not present in the same room as our technician as per social distancing rules.
  • Laptops will be Sanitized upon receiving (Wiped down with Anti-Bacterial Cloths) which will include Keyboard & TouchPad Area, TouchScreens, the Inner & Outer Casing of the Laptop & Chargers, and Laptop Bag Handles.
  • Desktop PC’s – All Surfaces of a Desktop PC will be Sanitized upon receiving, as well as any Peripherals such as External Keyboards, Mouse, Chargers etc.
  • We will thoroughly Sanitize your Laptop or Desktop PC & equipment before returning it to you.
  • We will be open during the COVID-19 Crisis – Normal Business Hours Apply.

If you are sick & have any COVID like symptoms, or have been in contact with a family member or friend with COVID symptoms, including cough, sore throat, runny nose, please let us know prior to arrival.  We won’t attend to anyone with covid19 like symptoms, as a precaution to stop the spread. (Please Get Tested).

It is important that we all do out bit, to ensure we can get through this crisis quickly and safely. Our technicians would strongly prefer, that all of our customers be Fully Vaccinated (Double Dosed) for the safety of everyone, and to stop the spread of Covid19.

During this time, the health and safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority.  We will take EVERY measure, to ensure we provide a safe & hygienic environment for everyone.

Updated on 01-01-2022